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Hair Transplant Procedure

Dr. Allcroft performs hair transplantation under oral sedation with local anesthesia.  This means that you will take some pills prior to the start of the procedure that help you relax.  Some patients will even fall asleep at times during the procedure.  After the initial numbing medicine is applied, the patients are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.  A typical procedure takes several hours to perform although the time seems to go more quickly due to the oral sedation. Dr. Allcroft uses either Follicular Unit Extraction or Linear Strip Donor Harvesting for each patient. With Follicular Unit Extraction, individual hair follicals are extracted from the scalp on the back of the head. Alternatively, a strip of scalp is removed from the back and/or the sides of the head and this donor site is then sewn closed.  Grafts are then prepared under binocular microscopes to make many skin grafts, each with one, two, three, and sometimes four hair follicles.  These grafts are then placed with tiny forceps into slits made in the region to be transplanted.  The slits typically measure 1.0 mm to 1.3 mm.  At the completion of the procedure, a light dressing is applied and you would be able to wear a cap on your way home.  You are able to shampoo your hair the day after the procedure. There are minute crusts present on many of the grafts which come off in about 10-12 days.  During this time, you may wear a cap or cover the grafts with hair styling if possible.  Sometimes, there is forehead or eyelid swelling that resolves in several days.  Once the crusts come off the grafts, the area treated is undetectable.  Although some transplanted hair will start growing right away, typically it takes four to six months for most grafts to be growing normally.  It may take another six months before the hair has grown to several inches in length to truly appreciate the full benefit of the procedure.  Some patients will have several procedures performed to get the best possible result.

Dr. Allcroft’s method of hair restoration is known as follicular unit transplantation.  Results are very natural.  Transplanted hair continues to grow for the rest of your life just as it would have if it had remained on the back or the sides of your head.

- Roger A. Allcroft, M.D





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